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St. Elizabeth Catholic School has a long history of strong academic programs with a foundation in reading and math. The Ace Collaborative curriculum also includes Science, Social Studies, English and language Arts. St. Elizabeth Catholic School is accredited by the Mississippi Department of Education, and all teachers hold a current teacher’s license issued by the Mississippi Department of Education. Our highly qualified teachers utilize a phonics-based reading program, and place special emphasis on writing.

Additional courses include: Computer Lab courses, Keyboarding, Library, Music, and P.E. Students also have participate in enrichment programs like Accelerated Readers, Education City, Sport Intramurals, and compete in the local Spelling and Geography Bees. Our faculty fosters a positive Christian environment with daily scripture readings, devotional and prayer to encourage character education. Students also attend weekly mass, and meet often in the rotunda to pray for special needs. Service opportunities encourage students to give of themselves to organizations such as the C.A.R.E.S. Animal Shelter or Ronald McDonald House.

Exceeding National Standards

Each year, 3rd- 6th grades participate in standard cumulative testing , which provides updated content that reflects the national curriculum and current educational trends. This test measures a student’s school achievement in reading, language arts, mathematics, science and social science. The test results give the teachers information about specific areas of strengths and weaknesses of individual students or groups of students, thus assisting the teacher in planning her instruction. Traditionally, our students have scored very well on this test, with over 67% of students placing in the 95 percentile.

Technology Infused Classrooms

St. Elizabeth Catholic school utilizes the latest technology and software to engage students., a research based software program, is used to enrich or remediate skills in all the subject areas.

Students in 1st- 6th grades have access to iPads to take Accelerated Reader quizzes.

Teachers have access to a portable interactive SMARTBOARD system and stationary SMART BOX, systems that create interactive classrooms. The teacher is able to incorporate a PowerPoint presentation and interactive guided practice, using teach created and web-based activities, into direct classroom instruction. Each classroom has to up-to-date Promethean Boards. 

Technology is also integrated into the library, where students may search the school’s computerized card catalog of almost 4,200 library volumes. Through the web based Accelerated Reader (AR) Enterprise each classroom can access over 153,000 AR book titles and quizzes on their classroom computer. Once a student reads a book and takes the AR quiz, he or she can instantly see his or her score along with points and reading levels. Teachers can view and print reports on a student’s progress, while parents can also view and monitor their child’s progress from home. Students may take even AR tests during the summer in the computer lab.