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Annual Events

St. Elizabeth Catholic School hosts several programs and fundraisers that students look forward to each year. The annual Parish Fair, onging since 1937, occurs on the second week of September. During Catholic Schools Week the school hosts a Hamburger Supper with Bingo. The CCC Board also plans a Mardi Gras parade each year, in cooperation with the Sherriff and Fire Department who participate in the parade. Reading Fair and Math & Science Fun Night are two other events that make learning fun. The Mardi Gras Drawdown is another fundraiser that benefits the school financially and encourages cooperation. The entire community comes together to enjoy our programs, including former students, grandparents, and friends.


Raised Funds Help Provide:

  • Outdoor Equipment
  • Field Trips
  • Classroom Supplies
  • Gas for Teacher Meetings
  • The McKenna Scholarship Fund, which raises money for Catholics needing assistance
  • School events like the Mardi Gras Parade or Grandparents Day

Goals for Our Future

Under God's direction, we pray St. Elizabeth Catholic School will continue to grow.  Our goals for the future include increasing diverse educational opportunities for learning. One goal we are working towards now is incorporating Orton Gillingham methods into each classroom, which is a multi-sensory, kinesthetic, and phonics based approach to intensive rehabilitation in reading, spelling, writing, and reading comprehension for children with learning disabilities like dyslexia.