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Renweb Family Portal
Dear SES families,

I pray this email finds you safe, healthy, and happy. Beginning April 3, your child(ren)'s classwork and plans will be posted to Renweb through the Family Portal feature. You will be able to view and print lesson plans and worksheets from Renweb.The instructions for signing up for Family Portal at the end of this letter. All families should create a Family Portal account as we will be accessing many more features through the portal in the upcoming months.

Beginning April 6-10, each classroom teacher will have at least one video lesson for their students. We are working toward providing more of these video lessons to take some of the "instructing" off of the parents. There will be more details later about these video lessons and where to access them.

Another addition to our Distance Learning plans that I think everyone will be excited about is Accelerated Reader is now available to our students at home, along with a link to find AR books!
* This information is found on this website, under Family Resources> SES Bulletin Board *

I have talked to principals and priests in other churches and schools around the diocese. Again, I just want to say how blessed we are with our families! I have bragged on you our faculty and staff to others in the diocese! Thank you for your trust, support, and encouragement!

Rejoice always. Pray without ceasing.
Sarah Cauthen

"Create New Family Portal Account"
District Code is SES-MS
Enter your email address
Click "Create Account"

Clarifications about the changes being made to SES Distance Learning:
• For the upcoming weeks all assignments will be found on Renweb Family Portal. Lesson plans along with worksheets/documents will be found online.
• You do not have to have a printer or scanner. Worksheets can be viewed online and answers written on a piece of notebook paper. Completed work can be kept together for us to collect at a later time.
• If you do not have access to an ipad or computer or internet service, please contact Sarah Cauthen at
• Contact your teacher or Sarah Cauthen with any questions, technical difficulties, or concerns about assignments.

Where to find lesson plans and documents for each class
Families with multiple children: Select child at the top after you choose “Class”

Classes – PK3 HR (homeroom) – Lesson plans – Choose date (worksheets below each plan)

Pre-4 You can create an account, but Mrs. Smith will communicate with you through Class Dojo

Classes – K5 HR (homeroom) – Lesson plans – Choose date

1st grade
Classes -- 01 HR-A (homeroom) -- Lesson plans -- Choose date Resources (worksheets)

2nd grade
Classes – 02 HR (homeroom) – Lesson plans – Choose date Resources (worksheets)

3rd grade
Classes -- 03 HR-A (homeroom) -- Lesson plans -- Choose date Resources (worksheets)

4th grade
Classes – choose subject – Lesson plans – Choose date Resources (worksheets)

5th and 6th grade
Classes – choose subject – Lesson plans – Choose date Resources (worksheets)

Activity Class assignments (PE, Music, Computer, Library) can be found in “Homeroom” “Documents”