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Admissions Process

Welcome to St. Elizabeth Catholic School and thank you for your interest!
Admissions Policy
  • All new students and families must meet with the principal to inquire about admission.
  • Each new family seeking admissions for their child must complete an admissions package for each student.
  • Preschool students must be the correct age for their class by September 1st. The principal must approve any exception to this policy. Preschool students must be potty-trained. 
  • Children must be 5 by September 1st to enter Kindergarten.
  • Transfer students in grade level kindergarten-6th will be required to provide their most recent report card. Admission will not be determined until all school records have been received from the previous school.
  • All new transfer students in grades 1st- 6th will be required to complete grade-level assessments in Language Arts and Mathematics.
  • Students transferring to St. Elizabeth from another educational institution will not be admitted and registered until records are received from the child's previous school.
  • Catholic schools/centers shall not be a refuge for parents/students who seek to avoid disciplinary consequences, and/ or educational placement in another school.
  • Any student who has been expelled or asked not to return from another school or who has withdrawn from a school during a school-mandated suspension may not be admitted to St. Elizabeth School.
  • Parents will be noticed by email of student's admission status.
Interest Form 
St. Elizabeth Catholic School documents official interest in enrollment upon receipt of a completed Interest Form.
Once your completed Interest Form is submitted, a member of the admissions team will contact you. If you are ready to apply for admissions, please Click here.