SES Scoop



A GREAT BIG THANK YOU for having your children at school each day and on time! 
What a great way to start the year!


MORNING DROP OFF- Kindergarten-6th grade students should be dropped off in the carpool line each morning.  Please do not walk your child into the school.
Preschool families may continue to walk their children into class until Friday, August 19.


UNIFORM REMINDERS- Please review the uniform guidelines at the end of the Scoop.


FREE FRIDAY- Friday, August 19 is our first Free Friday of the year.  Bring $1.00 to wear your choice of bottoms and an SES t-shirt.  Money will be donated to St. Jude! **Please review Free Dress guidelines at the very end of the Scoop.


BLUE FOLDERS-  Don’t forget to check Blue Folders and your email for the SES Scoop every Wednesday.  Please return any needed items promptly.


PROTECTION OF CHILDREN- If you would like to volunteer in your child’s classroom, be a homeroom mom/dad, or chaperone field trips YOU MUST ATTEND THIS SESSION.  Monday, August 22 at 12:00 noon or 6:00 p.m. via Zoom.  The session will last a little over 1 hour.  Please go to and create a new account prior to the meeting.  A Zoom Link will be sent out via email Monday.  **You only need to attend this session one time while at SES.


HOMEROOM PARENTS- All new parents or any parent wanting to volunteer that hasn't attended the Protection of Children yet, must attend the Protection of Children session as stated above. If you would like to volunteer in your child’s classroom, be a homeroom mom/dad, the link to sign up is being sent out Today.


CAFETERIA AND AFTER HOURS CHARGES- All cafeteria and after-hours charges have been swiped from pre-pay accounts through Tuesday, August 16.  Please check your balance in Family Portal.  You can click on the remaining balance to see details of payments and charges.  If you have any questions or concerns please contact the front office.
REMINDER- You will receive an email from FACTS as well as a pink note from the teacher to remind you to load funds to your prepay accounts when funds are low.  Please load Cafeteria funds in amounts of $55.00 and After Hours Funds in amounts of $35.00.  Thank you!


SCHOOL MASS- Students in grade pre-4-6th grade attend Mass each Thursday at 8:15 a.m. in St. Elizabeth Catholic Church.  Parents are always welcome to pray with us.  Please send a canned good for the Care Station as an offering each Thursday. Students lead and serve during Mass.   STUDENTS MUST WEAR UNIFORMS ON THURSDAY FOR MASS. THERE IS NO FREE DRESS ON THURSDAYS.


FAMILY SERVICE HOURS- With all the Fair News coming up, you will be seeing mention of “Service Hours.”  All parents are required to give ten service hours per year.  This encourages participation and involvement in your child’s education and OUR school.  Parents will be assessed $10.00 per service hour not completed by May 1st of each school year.  As you are about to see with the Fair, SERVICE HOURS ARE EASY TO GET! 



Yard Signs-  New SES yard signs are available for purchase.  Send $20 to the office. 
Socks- We are bringing back the SES socks! Look for the link to order in a text message later today.
Land’s End Items- We are offering Uniform Approved PUFFER JACKETS, RAIN JACKETS, and PERFORMANCE FABRIC SHORTS from Land’s End.  The link for ordering will be sent out later this week!
Hair Bows and Headbands- Stay tuned for the link for ordering these SES items!


$1.00 Raffle Tickets- Check out the orange flier in your child’s backpack!
Silent Auction- Silent Auction meeting is tonight at 5:00 p.m. in the school library.
$100 Tickets- You can purchase a chance at $10,000! Contact the front office!


Save the Date
School Day Pictures- September 7th  Wear your uniform.
SES Fair- Tuesday, September 27th.  We need YOU to make the Fair a success!

little ways to give BIG
Download the Box Tops for Education app – Scan your receipts – Earn money for SES!
Bring a canned food item for the Care Station every Thursday as a Mass offering!

Faith at Home
Let your child(ren) lead your family in the Lord’s Prayer/Our Father.  Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name.  Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.  Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.  Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.  Amen.


Uniform Guidelines

Pre-3 students do not wear uniforms but should dress appropriately for school.  For safety, tennis shoes, sandals with backs, or appropriate “closed in” shoes may be worn. No “crocs” or flip-flops are permitted. No cargo shorts or pants are allowed.

Students in grades Pre-4 through 6th Grade are required to wear uniforms. 

Uniforms must be purchased from Flynn O’Hara and must be selected from the styles adopted by St. Elizabeth (plaid, khaki and navy jumpers, skorts, shorts, and pants; green, navy, or white polo shirts with the school logo; blouses and fleece jackets) Second-hand uniforms from Parker and/or Flynn O’Hara may be purchased from the St. Elizabeth PTO uniform sale.  **Not in the handbook- We do allow khaki bottoms from other vendors (Walmart, Target, Old Navy, etc.)  However, the color and style must be the same color and same classic chino style as Flynn O’Hara bottoms.

-Modesty shorts may be worn under the jumper. 

-White, navy, black, or gray tights/leggings or knee socks may be worn with skort, shorts, or jumper. 
-Socks should be white, navy, black or gray with no logos other than the school logo.

-Boys in grades 3 - 6 are required to wear a brown or black belt. 

-Only white t-shirts or turtlenecks may be worn under the uniform shirt. 

-Shirts must be tucked in at all times. 

-Shorts, skorts, and dresses must be modest in length (no shorter than four (4) – inches above the knee (front and back), or appropriate as determined by an administrator). 

-Pants and shorts shall be worn securely at the waist.  Sagging is prohibited.


Coats/Jackets/Outerwear-  Any outerwear worn inside the school/classroom must be approved uniform or spirit wear with an SES logo.  Other brand outerwear may be worn into the school building but may not be worn until end of day dismissal.


Spirit Wear- St. Elizabeth promotes and sells t-shirts and other spirit wear during the school year.  Parents may also have t-shirts, sweatshirts and other outerwear made as spirit wear.  St. Elizabeth Catholic School t-shirts and spirit wear may be worn on Friday only with uniform bottoms.  Only spirit wear bottoms promoted and sold by SES may be worn on Fridays. (Parents may not have bottoms made to be worn as spirit wear.)


Hair Styles - Hair must be neat and clean.  Unconventional hairstyles (spiked hair, shaved hair designs, or extreme hairstyles) that are considered to be distracting and/or disruptive to the educational environment are prohibited.  This includes but not limited to pigtail or ponytail-type hair styles, hair that is below the collar line or hair that is in the eyes for boys.  All students may wear natural hair colors only. 


Shoes – Appropriate footwear is required.  Tennis shoes, saddle-oxford style, loafers, Ugg boots, and top-siders are acceptable.  No black sole shoes, sandals, cowboy boots, or open-back shoes are not allowed.


Caps with bills (baseball caps) may not be brought to school at any time.


Brownie/Scout/Sports UniformsStudents may wear their Brownie/Scout uniforms on meeting days or other special days as requested by the troop leader and approved by the principal.  Students may wear Pee Wee sports/cheer uniforms.  Cheer uniforms must meet the length guidelines for skirts.


“Free Dress Day” Guidelines
Free Dress days are used as a reward throughout the school year.  Parents will be alerted to any school-wide Free Dress Days.  Students may use any earned or purchased Free Dress Days at any time during the school year, excluding school Mass days (typically Thursdays) or Field Trip days.  All students receive 1 Free Dress Day for their birthday (no slip required).  Free Dress Days should be for the current year only.  Free Dress Days do not carry over to the following school year.  Free Dress Day slips must be turned in to the teacher on the morning they are used. 

Students may wear jeans, pants, leggings, shorts or skirts, sweatshirts or t-shirts with appropriate logos, jogging suits, and sweatpants.
Shorts, skorts, skirts (including athletic wear) should be no shorter than three (3) inches above the knee.
Leggings may only be worn with shirts completely covering the bottom.  The shirt should cover the bottom when bending over and sitting down.
Shorts with side slit/flap may not be worn. 
Shirts should have sleeves. No tank tops.
Appropriate footwear should be worn on Free Dress Days.
Good Rule: “If you think you shouldn’t wear it, you shouldn’t.”