February 11, 2020

Congratulations to Noah Linley, Stratton Dunn, and Bryant Johnson for winning our school Geography Bee! 


FREE FRIDAY:  We are changing Greens for Jeans to FREE Friday.  In order to have more participation and raise more money for each cause, students may now pay $1.00 to have FREE CHOICE in the bottoms they wear on a designated FREE FRIDAY with their St. Elizabeth tshirt.  Please be reminded of the Free Dress Day guidelines which will apply to the bottoms worn on Free Friday.  
 Shorts:  Running shorts with slit/flap on the side should not be worn.  Running/exercise shorts should follow the same guidelines as all other shorts.  As these shorts are typically flowy/loose fitting, all areas of the bottom should be covered up even when bending, squatting, or sitting.  
Skorts/skirts:  The length should follow the guidelines for all short/skirt/skort lengths.
 Leggings:  Leggings may only be worn with shirts completely covering the bottom.  The shirt should cover the bottom when bending over and sitting down.

 Friday, February 14, is our first Free Friday!  Proceeds will go toward the medical costs for Rob Smith, whose son attends our MMO program.  Rob was in a very serious accident.  Please keep this family in your prayers.

Please see the insert about a survey ALL FAMILIES need to complete.  You will receive a link to the survey via text message and email at 5:30 today.  If we get 100% participation (at least one per family), students will get a THEMED dress day!


REGISTRATION:  Please see the enclosed packets for Registration for the 2020-2021 school year.  Please read the packet carefully as there are a few changes to payment options and other aspects of tuition this year.


VALENTINE’S DAY:  Please be mindful of the handbook policy concerning Valentine deliveries.  “Please DO NOT send Valentine’s for delivery to the school. The school will not accept any Valentine’s Day deliveries. If you want your child to have a balloon or happy for this day, please have it sent to your home.”Valentine parties will begin at 1:30 Friday, February 14.  


VIRTUS BULLETINS:  Before our Valentine’s Day parties, please make sure you are up-to-date with your VIRTUS bulletins.  We will be contacting you if you are behind in reading your bulletins.  


DRAW DOWN:   Draw Down will be Friday, February 21 at The Bank.  $100 admits two for dinner, drinks, a live band and a chance at $10,000!  Not to mention our Silent Auctions!  $50 off 2020-2021 registration fee when you sell 10 tickets!  You also receive service hours for selling tickets.


YOUTH INCORPORATED BALL REGISTRATION:  Please see the insert for registration Feb. 19-21 and check Facebook for all the improvements and ways you can support Youth Incorporated!


ILLNESSES AND FLU:  Please continue to be vigilant in looking for signs of the flu in your child.  If they complain of not feeling well- stomachache, headache, being hot, and body pains- please keep them home for observation or take them to the doctor.  Thank you to our parents for keeping their children home for several days, letting the fever and symptoms end before allowing them to return to school.


Check the back for More Scoop

PARENT ALERT:  You will receive a text message today with a link for the Federal Programs Survey.  If you do not receive a text from the school, please call us Wednesday morning and let us know. 


little ways to give BIG
 Box Tops-
  Please send any Box Top clippings to the school office.  Please download the app to scan your shopping receipts and help SES continue to raise funds!  Super easy!
 Canned food-  Don’t forget to send a canned food item each Thursday to Mass for The Care Station.
 Backpack Project-  The Backpack Project is in need of Vienna sausages, pop tarts, fruit cups, juice boxes/pouches, and Ramen noodles.  You will receive service hours for sending items.


Save the Date
 Mardi Gras Parade is the morning of Tuesday, February 25.  We hope to see YOU there!  Students may wear Mardi Gras colors and gear with uniform bottoms.  Send your old Mardi Gras beads to be recycled during this year’s activities.